Domain Acquisition for SEO Results

Accelerate your organic search growth by acquiring the traffic and backlinks of expiring sites.

We identify high quality sites that are already ranking for your high intent topics and alert you as they become available.

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How It Works


Enter your site

Add your site, competitors' sites and the authoritative topics that you want to rank.


Keyword Generation

We automatically identify the keywords for each site + topic and then pull the search pages for each.


Domain Qualification

We filter the high intent domains from each keyword search and track their expirations.



We alert you as domains that are ranking for your topics expire.

What makes this different than just buying random expired domains?

Services like DropCatch and Snapnames have been around a long time and list hundreds of thousands of domains for the taking.

Which is a problem.

There's no easy way to filter down their listings to just the sites that rank for the search terms you're going after. We cut through the noise and mountains of data to give you just the domains that are going to carry you forward.

Why would a domain be abandoned?

Answer: it's usually less about the domain or site and more about the business that owned it. Businesses unfortunately go under, product lines are shut down and people move on to other projects.

The result of all those actions is a steady drip of high quality domains that expire. Leaving behind a string of broken backlinks for you to reclaim.

How many domains are we talking about?

Most search topics have around 7,000 domains in their cluster of ranking sites.

About 1% of those will expire each year and of those only a handful will pass our quality metrics (we're really picky).

Most of our clients find one or two interesting domains (with dozens to hundreds of backlinks) that they'll consider buying each month.

How white does my SEO hat stay if I do this?

Pristine. Companies make acquisitions of other companies and websites all the time. If a site has been abandoned it creates a real hole in the internet with broken links and issues.

Picking up and fixing that is like patching a hole in the roof of the local community center that keeps the kids off the streets and into breakdancing and learning life lessons. It's a real solid for the larger internet community.


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